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Why aren't mail and instant message notifications appearing on my phone anymore?

If you have Android® 7.0 Nougat and power saver is turned on, you may experience the following on your phone:
  • Email, instant messaging, and other apps are not syncing data until you open them.
  • Except for the HTC Weather app, other apps that use location services do not update to show your current location.
  • Unable to use Google Maps™ Navigation.
  • Your phone does not vibrate.
If you're experiencing the above problems, do one of the following:
  • Check your remaining battery power and the power saver's selected battery level setting. If your phone's current battery level is still higher than that of the power saver's setting, turn off power saver.
  • If you want to keep power saver on, disable battery optimization in those apps that sync data or use location services.

How do I turn battery optimization off in some apps?

If there are apps that you don't want battery optimization enabled for, you can turn the feature off in those apps.
  1. Go to Settings, and then tap Power.

    Or go to Settings > Power > Battery Manager.

  2. Tap Battery optimization.
  3. Tap Not optimized > All apps to see the complete list of apps.
  4. To turn off battery optimization in an app, tap the app name, and then tap Don't optimize > Done.

    Repeat this process to turn off optimization in other apps.

To filter the list and see which apps have battery optimization disabled, tap All apps > Not optimized.
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