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Using Voice Selfie

Voice Selfie lets you easily take photo or video selfies using voice control. You just need to turn this feature on in the camera settings.
Note: This feature may not be available in all languages.
  1. On the Home screen, tap the camera icon to open the Camera app.
  2. Switch to Selfie mode. To find out how to switch between capture modes, see Choosing a capture mode.
  3. On the Viewfinder screen, tap to show the camera options.
  4. Tap > Camera options.
  5. Select the Voice Selfie option, and then press .
  6. Pose and frame yourself on the Viewfinder screen.
  7. Look at the front camera, and then:
    • Say Cheese or Capture to take a photo selfie.
    • Say Action or Rolling to record a video selfie.
Tip: You can also use voice capture with the main camera. Switch to Camera mode, and then turn on Voice capture in the camera settings. Voice capture may not be available in all languages.
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