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What's special with Camera

Capture great photos and videos using HTC U11.

UltraSpeed Autofocus

HTC U11 lets you enjoy faster focus speeds using a full sensor autofocus similar to DSLRs. Using the Camera app, you can easily take photos in low light situations, capture images of moving subjects, and record clear videos.

HDR Boost

Take clearer, sharper photos using HDR Boost. By combining multiple shots with different exposure levels, HDR Boost lets you capture great photos even in low light conditions. See Using HDR Boost.

Capture video in 3D Audio or high res audio

HTC U11 has four highly-sensitive omnidirectional microphones that capture positional sound in your video recordings. This means that you can record sound in 360 degrees for immersive audio that’s just like being there. Or, you can record video with 24-bit high resolution audio.

See Recording video in 3D Audio or high resolution audio.

Acoustic Focus

When recording videos, especially from afar, you can reduce surrounding noise and enhance the clarity of your subject's audio using Acoustic Focus.
Screen showing the pinch-to-zoom gesture when using Acoustic Focus.
See Recording video using Acoustic Focus.

Pro level capabilities

Pro mode gives you professional level control over your photography. See Manually adjusting camera settings . Capture RAW photos and take full control over your camera settings. See Taking a RAW photo.

The camera captures RAW photos in DNG format. The RAW file provides more image information for post processing in the Google Photos™ app or a graphics program on your computer.


Hyperlapse lets you speed up the action up to 12 times, and select sections of the video to change its speed. See Recording a Hyperlapse video.


Capture awesome selfies with the front facing camera.

See Selfies.

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