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Assigning in-app actions to squeeze gestures

Per app, you can customize squeeze gestures to do a tap or double-tap on a specific area on the screen.
  • If Advanced mode is not enabled in Edge Sense, you can only customize the short squeeze gesture.
  • There are default apps that are already predefined with certain actions. See Squeezing to perform actions in your apps .
  1. From the Home screen, swipe up and then tap Settings > Edge Sense.
  2. Under In-app options, tap Add more in-app options.
  3. Tap the app you want to customize.
  4. Tap Short squeeze.
  5. Go to the screen in the app where you want to apply the squeeze gesture.
  6. Tap , and then tap an area such as an onscreen button you want to assign.
  7. Choose whether to assign a Tap or Double-tap action, and then tap OK.
    • You can only assign a tap or double-tap action on the selected screen. A series of touch screen actions cannot be assigned to a squeeze gesture.
    • Do not add an action in which you need to scroll down the screen to tap something. The created squeeze gesture may not trigger the action if you've scrolled to a different position on that screen.
    • Actions such as pinch, scroll, and press and hold are currently not supported.
  8. Enter a name for the customized action, and then tap Save.
  9. To customize the squeeze and hold gesture, tap Squeeze & hold > Add a new action and repeat steps 5 to 8.
    Tip: If you left an app screen and haven't completed setting up its in-app options, tap to resume or to end the customization process.
  10. When done, tap thrice to return to the Edge Sense screen.

    You'll see the app you've just customized under the In-app options list.

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