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Using Google Drive on HTC One E9‍‍

Store your photos, documents, and other files on Google Drive to access them on HTC One E9‍‍, your computer, and your other mobile devices.
On HTC One E9‍‍, just use your Google Account to sign in to your Google Drive storage. You can then:
  • Use Gallery to upload your captured photos to Google Drive.
  • Share a link to your Google Drive files by email.
  • View and edit Office documents that are stored in Google Drive. After creating new Office documents, you can also save them to Google Drive.
  • View PDFs that are stored in Google Drive. You can also export Office documents as PDFs to Google Drive.
  • Check your available Google Drive storage space in Settings.
  • Back up HTC One E9‍‍ to Google Drive, so you can easily restore your backup to another HTC phone next time.
  • Use the Google Drive app to manage your online storage.
Note: Uploading files requires you have the Drive app installed on HTC One E9‍‍. If this app is not preloaded, you can download and install it from Google Play.
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