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Wi‍-Fi Enhanced Connectivity

When you open an app that needs Internet connection, HTC 10 automatically scans for available Wi‍-Fi networks when Wi‍-Fi is on.
Tip: Connecting to the Internet using Wi‍-Fi helps prevent you from going over your subscribed monthly data allowance while using data applications.
  • When prompted, tap a Wi‍-Fi network to connect to, and then tap Connect. If you selected a secured network, you'll be asked to enter the network key or password.
  • If you don't want to connect to a Wi‍-Fi network, tap Not now.

Turning off Wi‍-Fi Enhanced Connectivity

  1. Turn Wi‍-Fi on, and check the list of detected Wi‍-Fi networks.

    See Turning Wi‍-Fi on or off.

  2. Tap > Advanced, and then clear the Show Wi-Fi pop-up option.
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