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I think my microphone is broken. What should I do?

When a phone is having issues with distorted audio input quality, trouble being heard while on calls, or no audio being present in video recordings, it is important to check whether the issue is with the microphone, or with another component or app.
  • If the phone has two microphones, confirm which one is experiencing issues:
    • If the issue occurs on calls but not on speakerphone, the issue is with the primary microphone.
    • If the issue only occurs while using apps that record audio, the issue is with the secondary microphone.
    • If the issue occurs within both of the above, the issue may not be related to the microphone(s).
  • Check the microphone hole on the phone and make sure it is clear of any debris or pocket lint, and is not being covered while the phone is being held. For the location of the microphone(s) on your phone, please check the user guide or the support site information for your phone.
  • If the primary microphone is having issues, try placing a call using a VOIP app, such as Skype™. If the issue only occurs while making calls on the carrier network and not on VOIP, the issue is not caused by the microphone and you should talk to your carrier about possible network issues.
  • If the issue is with the secondary microphone, try to record audio using a different app, such as video recording with the Camera app or using a voice recording app. If the issue only occurs with one app, the problem is with the app and not the microphone. Reinstall or update the app, or use a different app that works correctly instead.

How do I test my phone's microphone?

HTC Android phones have a built-in hardware diagnostic tool that can be used to confirm if the problem is with the microphone or speaker hardware.

  1. Reboot into Safe Mode by pressing and holding the POWER button, then tap and hold Power off until the Reboot to safe mode prompt appears. Tap OK.
  2. After the phone reboots, open the dialer and dial *#*#3424#*#*.
  3. If prompted, tap ACCEPT.
  4. Check the Audio Test, and then tap RUN.
  5. Follow the instructions to test the speakers and microphone.
  6. Reboot the phone to exit Safe Mode.
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