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Tips on using the Duo Camera

Here are important tips to keep in mind while using the Duo Camera so that your photos can be captured with sufficient depth information, if you want to apply Duo Effects to them in Photo Editor.


  • Make sure your hand doesn't block the second camera lens.
  • The flash is always off when you're using the Duo Camera, so make sure you take your photos in an environment where there is a good light source. Post-processing Duo Effects do not work for low light photography.
  • If lighting is uneven, like when the background is a little bit under or overexposed, tap to adjust the exposure value.


  • Choose an interesting background for your subject. Positioning your subject with some lights or a garden in the background will add color and distinction to your photo, especially if you'll apply the UFocus™ effect later.
  • Duo Effects may not work on a close-up shot or on a photo that has the subject too close to the background. So, mind the distance between the camera and your subject, as well as the distance between your subject and your background.
  • Still life photography looks great with Dimension Plus™ post processing. If you'll use Dimension Plus, however, you can arrange your subject and background to be closer together and the distance between your camera and subject can be at least 30 centimeters.
See Photo Editor for more information about Duo Effects.
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