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Face Tracking

Want the other party to always have you in view? While doing a video chat using a third-party app, Face Tracking focuses on your face and others around you, and tracks faces that are within the camera's angle of view. Face Tracking can track a maximum of 4 faces.
  1. Open your video chat app, and then tap to open the menu.
  2. Tap to turn on Face Tracking. As other people around you enter the front camera's field of vision, each person will appear in a window on the other party's video chat screen. Your camera will zoom in or out to keep the faces in focus when you move.
  3. Drag the mini-window anywhere you want.
  4. Depending on the video chat app, you can single or double-tap the mini-window to switch screens with the called participant.
  5. Tap again to turn off Face Tracking.
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