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What workout types will use my phone's GPS to record the workout’s GPS data?

"‍Walk"‍, "‍Run"‍ and "‍Bike"‍ exercises will gather GPS data from your phone if it is carried during the workout.

At this time, you can only view a map of your route and the heart rate graphs in one of UnderArmour’s MapMyFitness apps.

To view this data, tap on the post a second time. If you have a MapMy app installed on your phone, you should be prompted with "‍UA Record would like to open MapMy..."‍ message. If you press allow, MapMy will launch and display your Workout Details, including your map/route and various graphs (such as elevation and heart rate, if applicable).

To view heart rate and elevation graphs, swipe right to see the additional panels. You must be logged in with the same account in UA Record and MapMy to see mapped data.

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