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Setting up Smart Lock

Use Smart Lock as an alternative way to unlock your phone, in the event you forget your password, PIN, or pattern. Set Smart Lock to unlock your phone when the phone recognizes your face or voice.

You can also set it to keep your phone unlocked in certain situations, such as when the phone is with you and you're in a trusted location.

  1. From the Home screen, tap > Settings > Security.
  2. Tap Screen lock, and then select and set up a screen lock.

    This will be your alternate screen lock method.

  3. On the Security screen, tap Smart Lock.
  4. Confirm your screen lock.
  5. Choose whether to unlock your phone through voice or facial recognition, or keep the phone unlocked when:
    • You're carrying the phone
    • You're in a trusted location such as within your home Wi‍-Fi network
    • The phone is connected to a trusted device such as your own Bluetooth® device
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions, and then press to return to the Security screen.
  7. On the Security screen, tap > Automatically lock phone, then specify the idle time before the screen is locked.
To help make Smart Lock more reliable and more secure when using facial recognition, you can train HTC Desire 555 to recognize your face in different situations, such as when you're wearing glasses or sporting a beard.

Tap Smart Lock, confirm your screen lock, then tap Trusted face > Improve face matching. Follow the onscreen instructions.

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