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What's new and special with Camera

Enjoy taking great camera shots on HTC One A9s. The camera interface has a fresh new look, neatly organized to make it faster for you to switch modes and change your settings.

Leaner, cleaner, camera interface

The new camera interface groups related capture modes together—such as photo capture modes—so that you can quickly find the mode you want, and puts modes and their settings side by side for easy access.

Without having to open the slideout menu, you can easily switch back to Photo or Video mode from other modes by tapping or below the shutter button. You can also just tap to quickly switch between the front and main camera.

See Camera.

Quickly adjust image brightness and focus

Easily adjust the focus and brightness—or exposure value—before taking a shot. Just tap the screen to set the focus, and then drag your finger up or down.

See Taking a photo.


RAW enhancement

With RAW image enhancement, you can take your photos to a whole new level. After snapping a shot in Pro mode, the camera saves a RAW file in DNG format. The RAW file provides more image information for post processing in the Google Photos™ app or a graphics program on your computer. See Taking a RAW photo.


Hyperlapse lets you speed up the action up to 12 times, and select sections of the video to change its speed. See Recording a Hyperlapse video.

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