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Can I do the same things in Google Photos that I used to do in HTC Gallery?

On phones that no longer have HTC Gallery, the Google Photos app seamlessly integrates with HTC apps such as Camera and Themes. In Google Photos, you can do many of the things that you've done in HTC Gallery.
To name a few, you can do the following:
  • Switch between different views with a simple gesture.

    Slide two fingers together or apart on the screen to switch between day, month, and year views.

  • Create albums if you want to manually organize your photos and videos.

    Select multiple photos and videos, and then tap > Album.

  • Search photos and videos easily.
    Tap to search for a face, place, things, or even a date when a photo or video was taken.
  • Do basic photo and video editing.

    For your photos, you can rotate, crop, adjust brightness, apply filters, and more. You can also trim your videos.

  • Create a movie.

    Tap to start a new creation with Google Photos.

Note: You need an Internet connection and to sign into your Google Account to use many of the features in Google Photos.
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