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What can I do if I forgot my screen lock password, PIN, or pattern?

If you’ve forgotten or lost your screen lock password, PIN, or pattern, you have up to 5 attempts to try and unlock your HTC device. If this fails, you'll be given more attempts. First, make sure you enter the password, PIN, or pattern properly. If you're still unsuccessful after several attempts, the only way to unlock your device is to do a factory reset.

How do I perform a factory reset using hardware buttons?

Before you do a factory reset, please be aware of the following:
  • A factory reset will erase data, media, and files from the built-in storage. You'll lose them and won't be able to restore them if you didn't sync or back them up before. Make sure you've backed up all important information and files before you proceed.
  • Make sure your HTC device is charged to at least 35% before performing the reset, or is connected to the provided HTC power adapter and is actively charging.
  • Make sure you know your Google® Account name and password. You'll need them to unlock your HTC device after the factory reset.

    Device Protection is enabled, which means that after the factory reset, you'll need to sign in using the same Google® Account that was logged into your device. If you forgot your Google® Account password, use your computer web browser and go to to reset your password first.

To perform a factory reset on HTC 5G Hub‍:

  1. Turn the device off.
  2. Insert the tip of the pin tool all the way into the bottom left hole at the back panel.
  3. Using the pin tool, press and hold the RECOVERY button inside the hole. Then use a finger to press and hold the POWER button.

    Release these buttons when you see Reboot to Download appear on the screen.

  4. Using the pin tool, keep pressing the RECOVERY button until you see Reboot to Recovery appear on the screen. Then press the POWER button. You'll then see the Recovery mode screen.
  5. Using the pin tool, keep pressing the RECOVERY button to navigate to the Wipe data/factory reset option. Then press the POWER button to select it.
  6. If prompted to confirm, press the pin tool on the RECOVERY button to select Yes. Then press the POWER button.
Note: Make sure you do not select the other options on the screen. Doing so may void your warranty or brick your device.
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