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How do I position HTC 5G Hub‍ for best wireless performance and coverage?

There are a few easy ways to maximize your hotspot coverage:
  • Make sure to put HTC 5G Hub‍ in a central place.
  • Try to have as few walls, ceilings, and floors as possible between HTC 5G Hub‍ and the devices you want to connect.
  • Avoid placing HTC 5G Hub‍ in enclosed spaces like closets or cupboards.
    Note: Wireless signals can be blocked by walls and similar barriers. The more barriers between HTC 5G Hub‍ and your devices, the weaker the signal will be.
  • Be especially mindful of metal barriers, such as mirrors, aluminum siding, or metal insulation, as these may disrupt wireless signals.
  • If you can't avoid walls or other barriers, try to arrange HTC 5G Hub‍ so that it is directly on the opposite side of the barrier from your devices, rather than at an angle. Wireless signals travel in straight lines. The more material they have to pass through, the weaker they get. By traveling straight through barriers instead of diagonally, they travel through less material.
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