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Restaurant recommendations

Can't think of what to eat? Get recommendations for restaurants nearby in HTC BlinkFeed.
  1. On HTC BlinkFeed, swipe right to open the slideout menu.
  2. Tap > Settings.
  3. Tap Notification on lockscreen and make sure Meal time bundle is selected.

To get restaurant recommendations, you'll need to actively use HTC BlinkFeed daily. Restaurant recommendations will show up as a tile in HTC BlinkFeed and also on your lock screen.

Viewing restaurant recommendations

View photos of the restaurant, get directions to the restaurant, and more.
  1. When you see a restaurant recommendation tile, tap it to view more information.
  2. You can do the following:
    • Tap the photo tile or View Photos to browse photos of the restaurant.
    • Tap the map icon or address to see the location in Google Maps™. From there, you can get directions.
    • If you see a phone number, tap the phone number to call the restaurant.
    • If you see numbers at the bottom, tap on a number to see alternative restaurant recommendations.
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