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Introducing RE

There's a new way to capture life's priceless moments—and that's with RE. With its Ultra-wide angle lens, you can dive into the scene and capture life in full view.
Here are the parts and features that you need to know about this remarkable little camera.
1 Lens
2 Slow motion mode switch
3 Grip sensor
4 Indicator LED
5 Speaker
1 Mic
2 Indicator LED
3 Shutter button
1 Micro USB port
2 Tripod socket
3 microSD slot cover

Key features at a glance

Intuitive controls

RE simplifies how you take photos and videos. After your first-time setup, you only have to hold it by the grip sensor and it will automatically switch on. Plus. with its one-button capture, you can snap photos or shoot videos right away.

Slow motion recording

Add a cinematic flair to your action videos. Switch to Slow motion mode and record slow motion videos on the fly.

See Recording slow motion videos to learn more about it.

Ultra-wide angle

Get more of that great scene. Capture an Ultra-wide angle view of what's in front of you.

See Turning Ultra-wide angle on or off to learn more about it.


Beautiful summer sky? Switch to Time-lapse mode, customize your camera settings, and let your RE take sequential shots of a scene for an extended period of time.

See Creating time-lapse videos to learn more about it.


Take RE on your next snorkeling adventure for snapshots of what you see underwater.

Just don't forget to prepare it before you soak it. See Waterproof protection for details.

Easy pairing with your phone

Enjoy the RE experience on your phone, too. See RE app to learn more about it.

Auto backup

Set up your RE to automatically save your photos and videos on your phone or online storage. See Backing up your media files for details.

Note: The backup feature may not be supported in some regions.
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