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Recording video using Acoustic Focus

While recording video, you can zoom in to focus on your subject and capture their audio loud and clear using Acoustic Focus.
  1. On the Home screen, tap the camera icon to open the Camera app.
  2. Switch to Video mode. See Choosing a capture mode for details.
  3. By default, Acoustic Focus is already enabled. If you need to turn it on, tap Camera settings slideout menu button to open the slideout menu, and then tap Acoustic Focus.
  4. Frame the shot then tap Video record button to start recording.
  5. While recording, you can slide two fingers apart to zoom in on your subject. The green mic level indicates how amplified your subject's audio becomes as you zoom.
    Screen showing the pinch-to-zoom gesture when using Acoustic Focus.

    When recording, make sure not to cover the microphones when holding the phone.

    Illustration showing the proper handling of the phone when taking videos with hi-res or 3D audio.
  6. Tap Pause recording button to pause the recording, and then tap Resume recording button to resume.
  7. To stop recording, tap Stop recording button.
    Tip: Videos recorded in 3D Audio are marked with 3D audio button in Google Photos. Use earphones when playing back the video to enjoy immersive sound.
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