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Why can't I wake up or unlock my phone with my fingerprint?

If your phone doesn't wake up or unlock when you touch the fingerprint scanner, check the following:
  • In Settings > Fingerprint scanner, make sure Wake up screen is selected, if you just need to wake up your phone from sleep mode.
  • Make sure the proximity sensor is not covered when holding the phone. Refer to the user guide to see where this sensor is located.
  • Make sure your finger is not wet, too dry, or dirty.
  • Do not wear gloves when using the fingerprint scanner.
  • Touch the fingerprint scanner for at least 2 seconds for it to recognize your fingerprint.
  • If you haven't used the fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone for the past 72 hours, you'll be required to use one of the screen lock options—screen lock PIN, password, or pattern—to unlock your phone.
  • If you signed in to an Exchange ActiveSync® account with security policies that only allow using screen lock options—such as screen lock PIN, password, or pattern—you may not be able to use the fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone.

    Check with your Exchange Server administrator if the Exchange ActiveSync security policies can allow using the fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone.

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