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Tagging photos and videos

Make your photos and videos easy to find by adding tags, such as short names or keywords.
  1. From the Home screen, tap , and then find and tap Gallery.
  2. Tap , and then choose how you want to view your photos and videos.
  3. Tap a tile to open a group of photos and videos.
  4. Tap > Add tag.
  5. Select items that you'll tag with the same keywords, then tap Next.
  6. Type in a keyword, and then tap .

    Or, to use an existing tag, just tap it below the text field.

  7. Add more keywords when needed.
  8. If you need to remove a tag you've added, just tap the tag, and then tap OK.
  9. Tap Save.
Tip: To tag a single photo or video, press and hold the photo or video. Tap Add tag, and then enter your keywords.

Viewing your tagged photos and videos

  1. In Gallery, tap > Tags.

    You'll see tiles of your used tags, with numbers that indicate how many photos and videos belong to each tag.

  2. Tap a tile to open it and view tagged photos and videos.

Renaming a tag

You can rename a tag that you've already added to your photos and videos.

  1. In Gallery, tap > Tags.
  2. Find the tile of the tag you want to rename, then tap > Rename tag.
  3. Type the new tag name in the text field, then tap .
  4. Tap OK to save your changes.

Removing tags

  1. In Gallery, tap > Tags.
  2. Find the tile of the tag you want to modify.
  3. To untag photos and videos, tap the tile, and then tap > Remove tag. Select the items, then tap Remove.
  4. To completely delete a tag, tap in the tile, then tap Remove tag.
Note: Deleting a tag will not delete any of your photos and videos.
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