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GIF creator

Create an animated gif that you can quickly upload and share.
Important: This feature is available for burst shots captured on HTC Desire 826. You can identify burst shots by the icon on the thumbnail.
  1. From Photo Editor, choose the photo you want to edit.

    See Choosing a photo to edit to find out how.

  2. Tap to open the slideout menu.
  3. In the slideout menu that opens, tap Effects > . You'll see an animation of the frames.
  4. Drag the trim sliders to the part where you want the animated gif to begin and end.
  5. Tap .
  6. On the next screen, you can choose the direction you want the animation to play, set the speed of the animation, choose which frames you want to include, and more.
  7. Tap when done.
  8. Select the file quality of your animation, and then tap OK.

The animation is saved as a gif. You can identify a gif by the icon on the thumbnail in Gallery.

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