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Tips for capturing better photos

To get better captures with the Camera app, here are some tips on what to do while taking your shots.

Improving focus

  • HTC Desire 630 has autofocus, which works best on a subject that is not moving too much. To change the focus, on the Viewfinder, tap the subject you want to focus on.
  • If the subject is moving, on the Viewfinder, press and hold the subject to lock the focus.

Taking well-lit photos

  • HTC Desire 630 automatically adjusts the focus and exposure. If the image appears underexposed or that it appears dark on the Viewfinder, tap a part of the image that is in shadow. Conversely, tap a well-lit object in the image if the image seems to be overexposed. Focus on an object with a neutral tone for a balanced exposure. Keep in mind that tapping on another object may shift the focus from your subject.
  • If there are parts of the image that are in shadows and others are in highlights, use HDR to capture multiple shots of different exposures and combine them into one shot. Keep HTC Desire 630 steady or place it on a level surface when using HDR.

  • When taking a panoramic photo, consider the whole scene and focus on an object that has a neutral tone to help keep the exposure balanced in the composite image.

Other tips

  • In Camera settings, tap Grid to help frame the subject better or improve the composition.
  • After capturing the photo, you can fine-tune the contrast, brightness, and other settings in Photo Editor.
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