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Truly personal

Designed with you in mind, HTC U Play is filled with innovations that help it to adapt to your life.


Make HTC U Play more personal by customizing how it looks with your own photos and then mix and match with different sets of icons, sounds, color schemes, and more.

Image showing different themes.

More wallpaper types, such as Multiple wallpapers and Apps screen wallpapers, are also in store!

See What is HTC Themes? for more details.

Freestyle home screen

If you want to take designing your Home screen to the next level, try the Freestyle home screen layout for zero-grid limitations and fun stickers to replace your app icons.

Image showing the Freestyle layout.

The HTC Sense Home widget

The HTC Sense Home widget adapts to your needs at home, at work, and on the go. See What is the HTC Sense Home widget?.

HTC BlinkFeed

Image showing the feeds view of BlinkFeed.

Get your favorite topics, news, social media, and more conveniently delivered to one place on your phone. Even get suggestions for places to eat! You can also play embedded videos right on HTC BlinkFeed. See What is HTC BlinkFeed?.

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