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Setting up HTC Alexa

You need an Amazon account to use HTC Alexa. If you don't have one, create one on
Note: When prompted, allow HTC Alexa to access your location information and to record audio so the app could give more accurate information and search results.
  1. From the Home screen, tap All apps button, and then find and tap HTC Alexa.
  2. Tap Sign in with Amazon, and then sign in to your Amazon account.
  3. Follow the screen instructions to complete set up. After finishing the set up, HTC Alexa launches.
    Screen showing HTC Alexa is ready and listening
  4. Tap to learn what you can ask the app, or tap to change the app settings.
Note: If you have set up Edge Sense, you can open HTC Alexa just by squeezing the lower sides of your phone. On the HTC Alexa screen, tap > Edge Sense trigger > Customize squeeze action, and then select Launch HTC Alexa.
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