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What's new in the latest software update?

The new software update brings Android™ 7 Nougat and HTC's latest app features to your phone. Here are some of the features in this update:

Multitasking made easy

Aside from flipping through running apps, there are faster ways to use the RECENT APPS button RECENT APPS for switching between apps.

Enhanced notifications

See What's different with notifications?.

Even more personal

Battery and data

Improved settings

Boost+ app

Open the Boost+ app to monitor and manage your phone storage space and memory usage.

  • Delete cache, app installers, and temporary files on your phone.
  • Turn Optimize foreground apps on to extend battery power by optimizing screen resolution when using the selected apps. See How do I use the Boost+ app to extend battery power?.
  • Enable Optimize background apps to conserve battery power by stopping unused apps running in the background.
  • Manage irregular app activities, lock apps with sensitive content, or uninstall apps you don't use.
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