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Inserting the nano SIM and microSD cards

  • Use a standard nano SIM card, if it's not already inserted. A modified card that is thicker than the standard nano SIM card will not fit properly on the tray and may damage the card slot.
  • The microSD card is optional and sold separately.
  1. Make sure HTC 5G Hub‍ is powered off. See Switching the power on or off.
  2. Place the device on a flat surface.
  3. Insert the tip of the tray eject tool that came with your hub—or a small bent paperclip—into the tray eject hole.

    When inserting the eject tool into the tray eject hole to remove the card tray, do not obstruct the tray to avoid damaging the eject mechanism inside the slot.

    Illustration warning not to press the tray when inserting the eject tool.
  4. Push the tip all the way into the hole until the tray ejects, and then pull the tray out.
  5. With the gold contacts facing down, place your nano SIM and microSD™ cards into the SIM and SD holders of the tray. Make sure to align the cut-off corner of the nano SIM card to the notch on the holder.
  6. When reinserting the tray, make sure it is facing up so that your cards don't fall out. With the outer card holder between your fingers, steadily slide the tray all the way into the slot.
  7. Make sure the tray is fully inserted and doesn't protrude from the slot.
Follow the same procedure above to eject the tray and remove your cards. Before ejecting the tray, make sure to unmount your microSD card first. See Unmounting the storage card.
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