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Charging the battery

Before you turn on and start using HTC 5G Hub‍, it is recommended that you charge the battery.
  • If the battery has been fully drained, you may need to charge HTC 5G Hub‍ for several minutes before powering it on.
  • Use the HTC power adapter to charge the battery.
  • Make sure to leave space around the back and sides of HTC 5G Hub‍ for ventilation.
  1. Insert the small end of the charging cable into the DC charging port on the back of the device.
  2. Plug in the power adapter to an electrical outlet to start charging the battery.
  3. After you finish charging, unplug the charger from your device first.
  • Avoid charging the battery in hot environments. As a safety precaution, the battery may stop charging to avoid overheating.
  • When you're using battery-intensive apps such as games or video streaming apps while charging the battery, your device may become warmer. This is normal.
  • It is strongly recommended to unplug the power adapter from the electrical outlet when not in use.
Tip: You can also charge your device with a USB Type-C cable.
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