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HTC 5G Hub‍ Dashboard

The Dashboard shows the status of your HTC 5G Hub‍ and all connected devices.
From the Dashboard, you can:
  • Set up your Wi‍-Fi and 802.11ad hotspots if you haven't done so, or change their settings. To find out how, see Using HTC 5G Hub‍ as a Wi‍-Fi hotspot and Using HTC 5G Hub‍ as an 802.11ad hotspot.
    Note: In devices designed for certain regions or mobile operators, the Dashboard may not show the 802.11ad hotspot. Go to Settings > Network & Internet to access the 802.11ad hotspot setting.
  • See and manage devices connected to HTC 5G Hub‍.
  • See your mobile data connection status such as the signal strength.
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