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Viewing the Calendar

Use the Calendar app to view your events, meetings, and appointments. If you've signed into your online accounts, related events will also appear in Calendar.
  1. Open the Calendar app.
  2. Tap , and then choose a calendar view.

Scheduling or editing an event

You can create or edit events on HTC Desire 526G+ dual sim, and also sync events with your Exchange ActiveSync calendar. You can also create, modify, and sync events with your Google calendar.
Note: Editing events is not supported for all accounts.
  1. Open the Calendar app.
  2. On any Calendar view, do one of the following:
    Create an event Tap > New event. Select the calendar you will add the event to.
    Edit an event View an event, and then tap .
  3. Enter and set the event details.
  4. To invite contacts from your Exchange ActiveSync account, tap Guests. You can also invite contacts from your Google account.
  5. Tap Done.

Choosing which calendars to show

  1. In any calendar view, tap > Settings .
  2. Choose an account, and then select or clear the calendars you wish to show or hide.
Note: You can also choose which calendars to sync with HTC Desire 526G+ dual sim. Calendars are synced on HTC Desire 526G+ dual sim even if they are hidden.
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