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Using Split Capture mode

Use the Split Capture mode to capture your selfie and the scenery in front of you. The split-screen shot can either be both photos or both videos.
  1. On the Home screen, tap the camera icon to open the Camera app.
  2. Tap > Split Capture.

    If you don't see this mode, tap Add > Split Capture to add it first to the capture modes.

  3. Drag the middle node to vertically adjust the size of the windows. Drag the top or bottom node to split the screens diagonally.
  4. Tap to toggle between the following options:
    Synchronous shot Use the main and front cameras to capture both photos or both videos at the same time.
    Asynchronous shot Separately capture photos or videos with the main and front cameras. You can record different lengths of videos.
  5. When taking a synchronous shot, tap to take photos or to record videos with both cameras.
  6. When taking an asynchronous shot, tap to take a photo or to record a video with the main camera. Tap the button again to capture your selfie.

    If you recorded video with the main camera, the video starts playing in its split window after you stop recording. After or while viewing the video, tap to record your video selfie.

    If you need to retake the shot, tap to start over.

  7. To save the split-screen shot, tap .
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