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Made to help you capture your memories to share with family and friends.


When using Bokeh mode with the main camera, you can focus on any object by just tapping it, which blurs the background for an artistic effect. See Changing the focus in Bokeh mode.

Split Capture

Use Split Capture mode to record yourself and the action in front of you. This mode uses both the front and back cameras to capture a split-screen photo or video. You can even resize the split windows. See Using Split Capture mode.

Front camera features

Enjoy using the variety of selfie-friendly features with the Camera app.

One Gallery

One Gallery lets you view all your photos and videos that are stored on HTC One ME as well as on favored online services right from the Gallery app. You can also find similar photos and videos using Image match or by searching with keywords or tags. See One Gallery.

Photo Editor

The Photo Editor app enhances your photos, from basic edits to elegant effects!

Make a photo surreal. Blend in shapes, elements, and prismatic effects. See Prismatic.

Superimpose one image onto another and create a unique composition only you can imagine! See Double Exposure.

Face Fusion uses two photos such as your selfie and a photo of your favorite celebrity to merge your looks together. See Face Fusion.


Use the Zoe app to create stories using your photos and videos combined with your own soundtrack. Right from this app, you can engage with the Zoe community to share your content and remix with other people's content. There's also the Zoe website that's accessible from your computer web browser where everyone can view shared content.

To find out how to use the Zoe app, go to To visit the Zoe website, go to

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