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Edge Sense holding gesture

Enjoy your favorite apps without being interrupted by the screen rotating and dimming itself automatically. Edge Sense can detect that you're holding your phone and allow your screen to always remain on. Your phone also locks the orientation depending on what's shown on the screen.
You can turn these features on or off in Edge Sense settings.
  1. From the Home screen, swipe up and then tap Settings > Edge Sense.
  2. Tap Holding gesture.
  3. Choose whether to turn Smart rotate on or off.

    Smart rotate is turned on by default and allows your phone to do the following:

    • Keep the screen in its original orientation while you're holding the lower sides of your phone.
    • When you play a video while holding your phone, keep the video in portrait orientation and do not rotate it.
    • Auto rotate the screen when you've released your fingers and rotated your phone. Lock the screen to the rotated orientation when you hold your phone again.
  4. Choose whether to enable or disable Smart dim.

    It is turned on by default and allows the screen to stay on while you're holding your phone, even if the Screen timeout setting has been set.

    Note: There are certain exceptions. The screen still dims when:
    • You're holding the phone to your face during a call.
    • You're walking while holding the phone.
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