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What's new in Themes and the Home screen?

Log in to the Themes with your preferred account and browse from the new features and themes available.

Freestyle home screen

If you want to take designing your Home screen to the next level, try the Freestyle home screen layout for zero-grid limitations and fun stickers to replace your app icons.

Image showing the Freestyle layout.

Multiple wallpapers

You can split a panorama photo into three parts so that it extends to three Home screen panels as one photo. Or, you can choose to set three different wallpapers for each widget panel.

Open the Themes app, and then tap > Home wallpaper. Tap > Multiple. Change the wallpaper for the three widget panel thumbnails.

If you've selected a panorama photo, you need to crop it starting from the area that will fit the left widget panel of the Home screen.

Time-based wallpapers

Set your home wallpaper to automatically change during the day and night.

Open the Themes app, and then tap > Home wallpaper. Tap > Time-based. Change the wallpaper for the Day and Night thumbnails.

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