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Entering text by speaking

No time to type? Try speaking the words to enter them.
  1. If this is your first time to use voice typing, check first if there's a microphone icon on the onscreen keyboard.

    If it's not shown, you need to turn on voice typing. Go to Settings, tap Language & input, and then select Google voice typing.

  2. Tap an area where you want to enter text.
  3. On the onscreen keyboard, press and hold .
  4. When you see the animated microphone button and the words "‍Speak now"‍, say the words you want to enter.
    Tip: To set the voice input language, tap the language bar above the microphone button. You can choose one or more languages. Available languages may vary.
  5. If a word doesn't match what you've spoken and it's underlined, tap the underlined word to delete it or to see more choices.
  6. Enter punctuation marks by saying the name (for example, say "‍comma"‍).
    Note: In some languages, entering punctuation marks through voice input may not be supported.
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