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Your contacts list

The People app lists all contacts from online accounts you're logged in to.
  1. Open the People app.
  2. On your contacts list, you can:
    • View your profile and edit your contact information.
    • Create, edit, find, or send contacts.
    • Tap a contact photo to find ways to quickly connect with the contact.
Tip: To sort your contacts by their first or last name, tap > Settings > Sort list by.

Filtering your contacts list

When your contacts list gets long, you can choose which contact accounts to show.
  1. On the People tab, tap > Contacts to display.
  2. Choose the accounts that contain the contacts you want to display.
    Tip: If you want to filter by contact groups, tap Customize and then tap the contact groups that you want shown.

Searching for contacts

  1. Open the People app.
  2. Tap , and then enter the first few letters of the contact name.
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