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Waterproof protection

RE is IPX7 compliant. This means that you can safely use it when immersed in water under the following conditions:
  • Fresh water or sea water only
  • Maximum water depth: 1 meter (3.2 feet)
  • Maximum time underwater: 30 minutes
  • Water temperature: 15°C - 35°C (59°F - 95°F)
Note: This rating does not ensure the waterproof performance of RE under all conditions.

Important reminders

Tightly close the microSD slot cover.
Keep the microSD card dry.
If you're going deeper than 1 meter of water, make your RE IPX8-compliant by attaching a waterproof cap.

The waterproof cap is included if you purchased the RE Protection Pack.

Securely hold your RE while underwater by attaching the supplied lanyard and wearing it on your wrist. See Wrist lanyard for more details.
Note: RE is rated IPX8 for shooting images underwater at a depth of 3 m (9.8 ft) for up to 120 minutes when used together with the waterproof cap and IPX7 for shooting images underwater at a depth of 1 m (3.2 ft) for up to 30 minutes without the cap.

Things to avoid

Avoid immersing RE or letting the USB port come into contact with liquid chemicals such as liquid soap or detergent.
Never immerse RE in hot springs, or any liquid besides water (such as alcohol, sugared drinks, etc.).
Do not jump into water with RE or subject it to high water pressure conditions such as rapids or waterfalls. Subjecting RE to excessive shock, vibration or pressure by dropping or hitting it, may affect waterproof performance.
Keep away from dust and sand.
Do not charge RE while it's wet.
Do not open the microSD slot cover underwater or in areas exposed to water spray, high winds, dust, or sand. Also, do not insert a wet microSD card in RE.
RE does not float in water. Do not drop RE into water.

Cleaning and drying after exposing RE to water

Always clean your RE after using underwater. Some water, especially salt water, is corrosive to electronics and can result in damage to your RE.

Important: It is recommended to clean your RE within 60 minutes of underwater use.
  1. Immerse your RE in a basin of fresh water, with its microSD slot cover tightly sealed.
  2. Leave your RE submerged in the basin of fresh water for about 10 minutes.
  3. Shake off water caught in the USB port.
  4. Wipe off water droplets with a soft cloth and dry your RE in a well-ventilated place.
  5. Make sure to let the USB port dry completely before using the port.
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