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Caring for your UA Band

UA Band meets the 2ATM waterproof and IP6 dustproof standards. Follow these tips to properly care for your UA Band.


  • Use a few drops of water or alcohol and gently wipe the surface of your UA Band. If your UA Band gets stained with cosmetics, use makeup remover to clean it.
  • If you have trouble charging your UA Band, check if there's dirt on the band's contact pin. Clean the dirt to resume charging.
  • If the charging connector gets wet, hold it and shake off the water. Make sure to let the connector port dry completely before charging your UA Band.
  • In case the charging connector has had contact with salt water or liquid chemicals, rinse using fresh water. These contaminants may damage the connector pins.


  • Avoid immersing your UA Band or letting the charging connectors come in contact with liquid chemicals such as liquid soap or detergent. Also, never immerse the device in tap water, sea water, swimming pools, hot springs, alcohol, or any liquid.
  • Your UA Band does not float in water. Do not drop it into deep water.
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