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I've been using my UA Band, but would like to pair it with a new phone. What should I do?

Your UA Band™ can only pair and connect to one phone at a time.

If you want to pair your band with a different phone, perform the ​“‍Forget this Phone” action on the band:

  1. Tap > .
  2. Scroll through the text, and then tap when prompted.

    The band’s LED will flash blue to indicate it is in pairing mode. You may now begin the pairing process in the UA Record™ app on your new phone.

Optionally, you may choose to completely reset your UA Band to prompt the pairing process. Please see the UA Band User Guide.

Note: If you choose to re-pair your band with your original phone, you will need to visit your phone’s Bluetooth settings to forget the band, launch the UA Band app, open the UA Band settings, and tap Forget this Device when UA Band reports it cannot detect the band.
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