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How do I see the list of running apps?

In phones with Android 6 or later, go to the Developer options > Running services setting to see the running apps list.
To learn how to access Developer options, see How do I enable developer's options? .

Why can't I use multi-finger gestures in my apps?

That's because Media gestures is enabled by default. This makes the three-finger gesture exclusive for sharing content or for use with HTC apps. You won't be able to use multi-finger gestures (gestures that use three fingers or more) for other purposes.
To use multi-finger gestures in games or musical instrument apps, clear the Media gesture option in Settings > Display & gestures (or Display, gestures & buttons).
  • This feature may not be available in some phones.
  • For phones with Android 8, tap Advanced if you don't see the Media gesture option.
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