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Creating time-lapse videos

Capture the motion of objects and scenes that slowly unfold before the human eyes. Think of sunsets and blossoming flowers.

You can do that with the Time-lapse mode. It automatically takes a series of photos at intervals within a period of time. These photos then become frames of your time-lapse video and you'll see movements play much faster.

Note: You can only set and capture time-lapse videos from the RE app.
Important: Before you begin:
Both your phone and RE must be charged. Or, you can connect your RE to a power source while capturing time-lapse video.
Your microSD should have enough space available.
  1. Connect your phone and your RE.
  2. Tap to go to the Live viewfinder, if you're not yet in this view.
  3. In portrait orientation, tap to switch to Time-lapse mode.

    Or, while holding your phone sideways, tap the button above the onscreen Shutter button , and then tap .

  4. Tap , and then customize your Time-lapse mode settings.
  5. Tap Set or OK.
  6. Position your RE on a level surface or tripod.
  7. Tap .

    You can tap if you need to pause capturing.

  8. If you didn't select Stop recording automatically in Time-lapse mode settings, tap to manually stop your time-lapse.
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