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Your RE comes with a non-removable battery. To efficiently manage battery use, RE automatically powers on when you hold it by the grip sensor and enters standby mode when you leave it idle for a certain period of time.

Charging the battery

Connect your RE to a power source using the supplied micro USB cable.
The indicator LED turns green when your RE is fully charged.

Checking the battery status

Hold your RE to check the battery status. The indicator LED will show:
Green Battery level is above 25%.
Orange Battery level is below 25%.

If you’re already holding your RE and you want to check the battery status, set it down for 30 seconds. When you pick it up again, you’ll see the indicator LED light up with the current battery status.

On the RE app

You can also check the battery status of your RE from the RE app. The battery status icon is shown above the Live viewfinder.
Battery is charged
Battery is 75% charged
Battery is 50% charged
Battery is low (25% remaining)
Battery is very low (8% or less remaining)

See RE app to learn how to download and install the RE app on your phone.

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