HTC has ceased support of certain apps effective Feb. 1st. Apps listed below will no longer receive bug fixes, new features, error correction through updates, and might not be compatible with the latest version of operating system:
HTC Backup/HTC BoomSound Connect/HTC Car/HTC Community/HTC Dot Breaker/HTC Dot Design/HTC Dot View/HTC File Manager/HTC Ice View/HTC Power To Give/HTC Scribble/HTC Sense Input/HTC Speak Pack-DA/HTC Speak Pack-EL/HTC Speak Pack-EN(AU)/HTC Speak Pack-FI/HTC Speak Pack-NB/HTC Speak Pack-NL/HTC Speak Pack-PL/HTC Speak Pack-PT(BR)/HTC Speak Pack-PT(EU)/HTC Speak Pack-RU/HTC Speak Pack-SV/HTC Speak Pack-TR/HTC Speak Pack-ZH(HK)/HTC Video Chat Enhance