Support for HTC Sync Discontinued as of August 31, 2016

Important update:

As of August 31, 2016, HTC Sync will no longer be supported. After this date, no additional patches or updates will be made available and download of the application is discouraged.

In 2013, HTC began offering “HTC-Sync-Manager” to provide a better user experience for HTC products running Sense 3.6 and above. To provide stronger security mechanisms and deliver the best possible user experience, we’ve decided to focus our efforts on “HTC-Sync-Manager” and discontinue support for HTC Sync.

Will I still be able to use “HTC Sync” after August 31, 2016?

We strongly recommend that you install the latest version of HTC-Sync-Manager here and remove HTC Sync from your PC after backing up all data. You may encounter sync errors or data loss by continuing to use HTC Sync after discontinuance of HTC support on August 31, 2016.

If you still want to keep HTC Sync on your PC, please follow the instructions below to modify your settings to enhance security protection.

1. Find your HTC Sync install path.
2. Open the file “AutoUpdate.ini” in Notepad with Administrator permission.
3. Delete all content in the file.
4. Save the file.