HTC VIVE Announces New Business Unit For Commercial Virtual Reality - VIVE Enterprise Solutions

The new organization was built to empower businesses to create, collaborate, and engage in new ways through powerful XR solutions

SEATTLE, July 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/HTC VIVE®,the leader in premium virtual reality (VR), today announced a new business unit and strategy, VIVE Enterprise Solutions, to deliver a full portfolio of extended reality (XR) solutions to enterprises and developers worldwide. The new organization aims to help businesses looking for complete XR solutions that integrate hardware, software, and services for professional needs.

As a pioneer in the VR industry, VIVE has spent over four years collaborating with small, medium, and large companies to build the future of enterprise XR. Recognizing that hardware alone isn't enough, this new business organization combines software, hardware, professional services, business solutions, and support to address four key areas where enterprises are investing today:

  • Training and Simulation
  • Design and Visualization
  • Virtual Collaboration
  • Location-Based Entertainment and Attractions
  • "With enterprise VR rapidly becoming the 'killer app' in the industry, we are providing solutions for small to large commercial creators to be successful and solve business needs," said Daniel O'Brien, Head of VIVE Enterprise Solutions, HTC VIVE. "We're in a unique position to offer enterprises a comprehensive business solution in part due to our own hardware innovation and collaborative industry relationships. We're thrilled to continue to work with professional users to provide the best hardware, software, and services to help them succeed."

    "We've taken our go-to VR solution for businesses, the VIVE Pro, and improved it further with integrated eye tracking. The VIVE Pro Eye takes this technology one step further as the demands for enterprise-grade VR continue to grow and evolve," said Dan O'Brien, GM, HTC Americas. "From more effective training to more insightful data analytics, it provides professional users with the tools to continue improving the way business use VR in an everyday capacity."

    Transforming Businesses
    Last year, VIVE launched its first head-mounted display (HMD) built for commercial users, VIVE Pro, to deliver the best audio, visuals, and comfort for these demanding and innovative work environments. After collaborating closely with organizations and developers worldwide, VIVE is taking key learnings and feedback to establish a dedicated organization for these customers.

    The team is focused on offering premium hardware—including VIVE Pro, VIVE Focus, VIVE Focus Plus, and the newly launched VIVE Pro Eye—as well as developing compelling and integrated software solutions, professional services, and business solutions to ensure companies are getting the right products, while also providing the service and support they need no matter the corporate environment.

    Innovating for the Future
    As an established leader in hardware, VIVE is using its technology expertise to identify and nurture a full portfolio of products and applications for customers at all price points and for a variety of hardware needs. The VIVE Pro Eye addresses a key need for companies who want to offer deeper immersion for training and simulation, providing in-depth user feedback and analytics.

    Many training scenarios require a non-tethered experience. For those organizations, VIVE Focus Plus pairs cutting-edge visual clarity with the freedom of an all-in-one headset. VIVE Focus Plus is an evolution of the VIVE Focus standalone product line, incorporating six degrees of freedom controls without requiring a PC.

    Through VIVE Studios, the company's development and publishing arm for VR content, the company is actively developing a business collaboration tool, VIVE Sync, which allows up to 30 people worldwide to interact in a virtual meeting space.

    Ultimately, VIVE is redefining how companies of all sizes optimize and streamline their business to increase productivity, efficiency, and safety while decreasing costs and saving time.

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