HTC Trademark Usage Guidelines

These guidelines (the "Guidelines") apply to Company's use of those HTC trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, taglines, slogans, trade dress or images that HTC expressly authorizes in a written license agreement (the "Agreement"), as set forth in the Agreement (collectively, the "HTC Trademarks"), provided that Company complies with (i) the terms of the Agreement, and (ii) the current version of these Guidelines. HTC does not grant any other rights to Company with respect to the HTC Trademarks or any other trademarks by implication or otherwise.

By using the HTC Trademarks, Company acknowledges that HTC is the sole owner of the HTC Trademarks. Company will not interfere with HTC's rights in the HTC Trademarks, and will not challenge HTC's use of, registration of, or application to register the HTC Trademarks, alone or in combination with other words, logos, symbols or images, anywhere in the world. Company will not harm, disparage, misuse, or bring into disrepute HTC, its affiliates or the HTC Trademarks. The goodwill derived from using any part of an HTC Trademark inures solely to the benefit of and belongs to HTC.

Use Proper Trademark Notice Symbols and Credit Notices

When referring to HTC products and services, apply the appropriate trademark notice immediately following any use of an HTC Trademark (e.g., the ® symbol for registered HTC Trademarks and the TM symbol for HTC Trademarks that are not federally registered). HTC will provide Company with the correct trademark symbol for the each HTC Trademark that it licenses to Company. Company will place the appropriate trademark symbol on each HTC Trademark the first time that it appears in a document, regardless of the format or media and including, without limitation, on a Website. Company also will attribute HTC's ownership of the HTC Trademarks in the credit notice section of Company's advertisement, packaging, marketing materials, documents or Web sites, as in the following example:

HTC, the HTC logo, HTC One and HTC Sense are the trademarks or registered trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries of HTC Corporation and its affiliates.

Do Not Alter HTC Logos

Company must use HTC Trademarks exactly as supplied by HTC. Except as expressly authorized by HTC, Company may not alter or modify an HTC Trademark. Company must maintain the consistency of the visual design of any HTC Trademark and may not use any variation or alteration of an HTC Trademark.

Use the HTC Trademarks in a Manner that Will Distinguish Them from the Surrounding Text

Company will not incorporate the HTC Trademarks into its company or product names or trademarks (or those of any third party). Company will set the HTC Trademarks apart from other words or symbols by capitalizing the HTC Trademarks. Company should keep the HTC Trademarks visually distinct from other text, symbols or images, and in particular, keep the HTC Trademarks as stand-alone icons. Company will not place the HTC Trademarks so physically close to another mark or other background material so as to create the appearance that the HTC Trademark is part of another mark, or that the HTC Trademarks include text, designs, icons or images that are not part of the HTC Trademarks.

Do Not Use HTC Trademarks in the Possessive or Plural Form

Company always should use HTC Trademarks as adjectives modifying a noun. HTC Trademarks are not nouns. Further, Company never should use HTC Trademarks in the plural or possessive form.

She bought all her friends HTC One® smartphones.
She bought all her friends HTC Ones.
The HTC One® smartphone's visual display is innovative.
The HTC One's visual display is innovative.
I want to buy an HTC® smartphone.
I want to buy an HTC.

Domain Names

Company will not use or register the HTC Trademarks, including HTC logos, symbols, icons, or any potentially confusing variation in any domain name. If Company uses HTC Trademarks in a domain name, it will be required to transfer ownership of the domain name to HTC as appropriate.

Affiliation, Endorsement or Sponsorship

Company will not use HTC Trademarks in any manner that expresses, implies, or gives the impression of HTC's affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, certification, or approval of Company or third parties. Company will not use HTC Trademarks in such a manner that gives the impression that HTC is legally associated with Company.

Merchandise Items

Company will not manufacture, sell or give away merchandise items, such as clothing, bags, or other items that bear an HTC Trademark, except pursuant to an express written license from HTC.

Trade Dress and Advertising Elements

Company should not imitate HTC Trademarks, or HTC's logotypes, trade dress, or other elements of HTC's product or product packaging and Web sites except pursuant to the terms of the Agreement.


HTC may change these Guidelines at any time with 30 days notice.