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Setting a screen lock

Help protect your personal information and help prevent others from using HTC 5G Hub‍ without your permission.

Choose to set a screen lock pattern, numeric PIN, or other means of locking your screen. You'll be asked to unlock the screen every time HTC 5G Hub‍ is turned on or when it’s idle for a preset period of time.

  1. Go to Settings, and then tap Security.
  2. Under Device security, tap Screen lock.
  3. Select a screen lock option and set up the screen lock.
  4. Next to Screen lock, tap Settings icon > Automatically lock, then specify the idle time before the screen locks.
    Tip: If you've set up a screen lock pattern and you don't want the pattern shown as you draw it, tap Settings icon and tap the Make pattern visible On/Off switch to turn it off.
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