VIVERSE World Highlights: Explore with us

We’ve shown how to get started with your own VIVERSE World, but we want to show you the potential that comes with each World and how Worlds are being used today! 

Professional collaborations, art exhibitions, and personalized storytelling can all be found in VIVERSE today. Let’s get your adventure started:

On April 28th 2021, VIVEPORT and Bandai Namco Pictures teamed up to bring animated content to a new dimension in virtual reality. Today we can see that in the BIRDIE WING Metaverse Museum. Any fan of anime, golf, or immersive technologies can find something to enjoy in this exhibition. The exhibit hosts concept and splash art, iconic scenes the show, and television collaborations all set to the Birdie Wing OST.  As this is the first of its kind, BIRDIE WING Metaverse Museum is a prime example of how VIVERSE can host spaces for communities to congregate, discuss, and explore. Imagine the possibilities of exploring different themed worlds of universes we’ve grown to adore.

Introducing: the eclectic work of Joseph Lin in VIVERSE. This predominant fashion photographer is known all throughout Asia for his ability to “move the human emotion”, and has chosen VIVERSE to show off his most recent exhibit, Reflections in the Metaverse. Explore his monochromatic pieces and allow yourself to be moved by his art inspired by the shadows of the modern world. Joshua Lin shows the power of displaying your art for the whole metaverse to see. Aspiring artists can have the opportunity to host their own exhibit from the comfort of their own home. Who knows, your first gallery could be held in the VIVERSE!

VIVERSE Worlds are where you can breathe life into your stories. If you’re ready to curate your own World, check out VIVERSE!

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