What is VIVERSE? Its Purpose and What it Offers

When people think about a Metaverse, many would imagine just a virtual world where they could interact and explore. However, we believe that a Metaverse should not be just one place monopolized by one single entity. The Metaverse should be a number of digital spaces and experiences interconnected and interoperable, which can be accessed on any device, anytime, and anywhere. 

In the current digital reality, every platform and experience is siloed and centralized; the more you try to connect, the more privacy and security you give up. As our digital identity grows more socially and economically valuable, the awareness of protecting it also rises. We at HTC VIVE are working to realize a Metaverse that is open, universal, and transparent. An ecosystem where experiences are integrated, and your digital identity is protected. That is how we envision VIVERSE.

What is VIVERSE?

VIVERSE Definition

VIVERSE is how different experiences and content ecosystems interconnect to offer a more holistic and seamless user experience in a decentralized and open way. Users can connect with one another while having a secure and private digital life. With this complete and persistent virtual identity across services and applications, you can connect with a vast network of content. Content not limited to entertainment, but also education, creation, and anything your imagination can reveal.

What can you do in VIVERSE?

  • Me Time

You have your very own space in VIVERSE. You can use it as your own corner office to focus on work or a cozy getaway to relax. We have a collection of private VR spaces for you to choose from based on your needs. 

  • Arts and Exhibitions

In VIVERSE, the Louvre and other notable exhibits are only a moment away. You can attend exhibitions and appreciate art with your family and friends or you can take yourself on a date and lose yourself in immersive worlds of art. Witness the masterpieces of great artists brought to life in front of your eyes. HTC VIVE is committed to integrating art with technology. We aim to explore the limitless possibilities of art in all its forms. 

  • Virtual Concerts

No more painful experience of getting blocked or pushed around in a crowded concert. You can now join concerts where you always have a premium view. Beatday offers holographic imaging and 360 degree viewing angle while ensuring a highly interactive experience.

  • Social Gatherings

Ever tried wine tasting to build community with your team? Take it to the next level in VIVERSE. Same process, same wine, but now you can see the wine's details displayed before your very eyes.  Relax and enjoy wine with your friends as if they are right beside you.

  • Meetings

Meet and collaborate with your team regardless of where you are in the world. Virtual reality enables remote work to be more immersive and empathetic with your team. We can all agree that business and work is not only about productivity, but also about unity and connection. VIVERSE helps you collaborate and connect with your team, even when you’re halfway around the world.

  • Expos and Conferences

Orchestrate or participate in trade shows and expos all from the comfort of your device. With the help of VR, you can present your product in a more nuanced way or immerse your clients in your service. VIVERSE helps you showcase your product or service in the most interesting way possible.

  • Low Latency Live-streaming

Private. Portable. Fast. Our new 5G solution, Reign Core enables high-speed connectivity for all.  Designed for large crowds, you can bring 5G to events akin to the world-renown Super Bowl or even keep the party flowing at Coachella. REIGN Cores' highly portable design and ease of set-up make it your premier choice in the world of 5G.

This is our brief introduction of VIVERSE, more experiences and content is yet to come. Stay tuned for more updates.

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