VIVERSE for Physical Well-Being: Enhance your Home Workout Routine in the Metaverse

In our previous blog posts, we cover the benefits of improving your mental well-being in the metaverse. Today, we like to turn our focus to physical well-being.

With the rising concern of maintaining our physical health, communities all over are now finding different ways to keep physically active. Regular exercise boosts your energy and also improve your mental wellbeing and cognitive function. 

While going to a gym is a great way to train, lack of convenience or time lead people to have to or prefer to exercise at home. After all, working out is a de-stressing process, and everyone deserves to choose what environment works best for them. 

According to a Colorado State university survey, participants’ willingness to exercise increased from 2 hrs to 4.7 hrs. In addition to that, their workout frequency also increased by more than 2 times.

Knowing the power of keeping active, let’s take a look at how VR can enhance your home workout routine:

  • Immersive Environment

VR provides an immersive environment for you to start your workout journey anywhere and anytime; it can be in a beautiful forest or by a calming beach. 

People may argue that, why stay in and use VR when you can just go out your door? Our VIVERSE vision is not to replace real-life experience, but to enhance it. We want to make what is impossible in real-life possible for everyone in VR. 

Going out to explore the world’s natural beauty is wonderful, and everyone should take the time to enjoy your local nature. However, because of work or other responsibilities, we might not have time to do so every day. For example, it is not very safe for you to bike in a forest after dark or scale the side of a mountain just before your next afternoon call. 

VR provides a great solution to make working out convenient regardless of your circumstance. You can complete your workout and be fully immersed in numerous beautiful virtual environments even with the busiest of schedules.


Holofit, a gamified VR fitness app, allows you to ski in icy wonderlands, bike in the beautiful streets of Paris, and many more! The workout journey in Holofit is never dull, and you will be filled with curiosity to discover the whimsical virtual world as you ski, row, or bike.


  • Gameful design

Working out in VR is like playing a game; it provides easy onboarding, real-time feedback, and enhances your workout experience by making it interactive and fun. 

Viro Move

VIRO MOVE is an innovative adrenaline-pumping VR fitness experience that combines the excitement of VR gameplay with a real-life workout. It not only effectively brings results of training in the gym or a fitness club, but, most importantly, it does so in a fun and engaging way.

You can also further motivate yourself by letting others join the fun. Invite your friends and family to compete with each other for the best times and highest scores.


  • Privacy

One of the reasons people often skip the gym or prefer home workout is because they feel more at ease while working out independently from prying eyes.

We respect the boundary made for privacy’s sake, but we also believe in professional instruction and guidance to ensure safety and the best results. 

力量節拍VR - VR健身

PowerBeatsVR trains your entire body with professional instruction and gameful feedback mechanics. Move along with the beat as you punch, duck, and dodge your way through challenging obstacles. The more you move and the stronger you hit, the higher your score.

Stay healthy and we will see you in the next blogpost!

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