VIVEPORT Highlight: Curious Alice

One of the great pleasures in life is getting lost in a good novel. 

A narrative that takes you to places only the whimsy of imagination could house. But, what if those words on the pages materialized before your very eyes?

Introducing: Curious Alice

Illustrator Kristjana S. WIlliams and Immersive game studio, PRELOADED, show you the Wonderland that Alice found through the creativity of masterful illustration and VR interactivity. 

Curious Alice has 3 puzzle experiences that you’ll traverse through during your visit in Wonderland, so let’s look “through the looking-glass”:

Curious Alice

Help the White Rabbit!

During your stay in Wonderland, you’ll be accompanied by your very own White Rabbit companion. First, you will have to help the White Rabbit find his missing glove! Interact with shadows and help Mr.Rabbit find his lost belongings!

Curious Alice

Riddle with The Caterpillar

Prepared for a battle of wits? Transport yourself into the psychedelic mushroom field of The Caterpillar to take on his riddles. Use smoke rings to solve each puzzle to prove your intellectual prowess to The Caterpillar.

Curious Alice

Croquet in the Garden

Alice has never seen such a bizarre set-up for croquet! Visit the Queen of Hearts’ croquet garden and play yourself a round with your own set of hedgehogs and flamingos. Play as you behold the beauty of the Queen’s red (and white) roses.


Curious Alice is a love letter to the original works of Lewis Carrol with tons of hints and references to the eclectic world of Alice.  If you’re “curiouser & curiouser”, hop on over to VIVEPORT to check it out!